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The Grumpiest Post I’ve Ever Written

So today I was called grumpy, which was inconsiderate and uncalled-for, so I did what every stable adult man would do. I complained to the one person who’s required by God and Country to always be supportive: my wife. “Who the hell does she think she is calling me grumpy?” I asked. And my wife went “well, you totally are,” which was an inconsiderate and uncalled-for answer. “Hey! You’re my wife! You’re supposed to love me!” and she was “I do love you! And that’s why I need to be honest.”


It’s not that I could not live with the idea of being grumpy. It’s just that I don’t see myself like that. Or rather I didn’t. Now I kind of do.

There are a couple of young kids who are all high on the whole GNU Fucking Slash Linux. Not unusual. When we’re young, the world does seem a lot more black and white. That’s fine. Kids will rebel and Linux… Ops, sorry! GNU Slash Linux provides an outlet from which all the rebellion that a young nerd can muster. I mean, it’s not like these kids get invited to the parties where popular kids do their rebelling, right? Again, that’s all fine and dandy. Been there.

But then these kids—high as they are on GNU Slash Kool-aid—forget that they’re the new kids on the block. I mean, seriously people, Linux isn’t new anymore. There is a lot of people who came before you kids came out of daddy’s place. No shit.

Let’s face it, this is part of being young. You feel like you have all the answers and everyone else in the world failed to see The Truth. No problem with that. Except…

Except that shit means I’m now officially old!


Today I see a friend commenting about Linux and one of these cocky, know-it-all kids jumped on his case like he was some kind of newbie or something. Hell, that actually got me angry. And then it hit me.

Doesn’t that make me grumpy?

So. Fucking. Be. It. I hereby accept the label of grumpy and shall sport it with pride.


So my friend works with and improves Linux for years and then a kid comes out of nowhere—having never done more than tweeting about Linux—and dares berate the guy? Go suck an egg, son! The guy I’m talking about knows more Linux—and note how I dropped that slash shit and I don’t even care—on his pinky toe than all your friends together. Kid!



P.S.: I’m not really angry. Or am I?