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In which I reminisce about the last few years

I just checked and it’s been exactly 1,594 days since I last posted on this blog. That’s 4 years, 4 months, and 12 days. This was, as is often the case with these, not planned. When I last wrote something here, I was working in a team set up as an R&D lab. Work felt quite fun and exciting and writing about it felt natural.

I then changed to jobs to a startup where things felt a tad different. It was a weird time for me: I met some great people there, people I still talk to and call friends. We put together a small team where I got to do some of the most fun work. Some of the people in that team I still talk to every single day. We’re still trying to put the group back together in some form in another company. And yet, my time in that company, outside that small team, made me feel quite small and inadequate. Writing about it did not feel natural.

I then joined HashiCorp, a company I’ve admired for years. I won’t go as far as saying this was a dream of mine, but when I got the offer, it sort of felt like it. I’ve been here for about two and a half years now and I’ve met some extremely brilliant people, and a few that I can call friends. I should have written about it. I wish I had. But by this time, the writing habit was already gone and life does what life does.

What else happened over the last few? Well, we became Canadian citizens. That was a blast, even if pandemic-style remove ceremony was a bit awkward.

We bought a house and got a new dog, Loki. He’s an English Cocker Spaniel, as would be expected of us, as he’s our 5th —

All in all, I can’t complain. On the other hand, I am getting older, which sucks, let me tell you that.

Anyway, I’d like to get back to writing a bit, I used to enjoy it quite a bit. We’ll see. Hopefully it won’t be another four years until the next post.