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How to set up Emacs on Windows

Just so I have it documented somewhere for future reference, here’s how to quickly set GNU Emacs up on Windows.

  1. Download it from

  2. Unzip it to, say, C:emacs or something like that

  3. Set the environment variable HOME to C:emacs and include C:emacsbin to the PATH

  4. If you want to have a “Open with _G_NU Emacs” option on the context menu, just create a registry file (call it emacs.reg or whatever.reg) with the contents below and double-click it to import it into the registry.


    @=“Open with &GNU; Emacs”

    @=“C:emacsbinrunemacs.exe ”%1“”

Et voilĂ ! As well, for my preferred colour scheme, we need to use color-theme from and set it up in your .emacs file:

(add-to-list 'load-path "c:/emacs/.emacs.d")
(require 'color-theme)
(when (display-graphic-p)