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How I accidentally because a domain squatter

A couple of days ago, I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts, The Frequency, when one of the hosts, Dan Benjamin, thought of a cool domain name, and checked to see if it was available. Turns out it was and he said he was registering right there and then. Now, two things: (a) I was listening to a recorded podcast, not live; and (b) I thought to myself, damn it! it is a cool domain name.

The next day, I launched Hover and checked the domain name and to my surprise it was available. I simply thought either Dan had given up on it or, most likely, I had misunderstood the domain name he was talking about and fortunately that had made me thing of this cool domain name. I even checked Google to make sure “Oh, it’s on” was really written like that 😛

Obviously I went ahead and registered the name. After that, I listed to that day’s The Frequency and heard Dan tell Haddie something to the effect of “oh, I forgot to register that domain yesterday!” That’s when I thought, oh-oh, maybe I had heard the correct domain name.

As it turns out, I was just listening to today’s episode and guess what? Dan mentions that someone registered it due to his mention on the show (which is technically true.)

But I am a nice guy. I offered to transfer the domain to Dan for free just a few minutes ago. Not sure he’ll see my posts to or Twitter. If not, I’ll try again a few times. I really don’t have any intention to keep this domain name as long as he still wants it. Sounds unfair.

Update 7 Nov 2012: can you believe he actually accepted my offer? What a douche! Just kidding, it was the Fair Thing to Do™ and I’m happy to say the domain has been transferred to His Benjaminship already.