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Hi, I’m Roberto Selbach, a journeying software developer (and dad!) This is my little neck of the webs.

Previous companies and projects:

  • Clone Sistemas: 1993-2000, doing medical software while attending night CS classes. Fun times.
  • Conectiva, Inc: 2000-2004, a Linux distribution in Brazil. Started in documentation, worked my way through development up to technical lead for development projects. Merged with Mandriva around the time I left.
  • KDE: 2000-around 2006, then the best desktop environment for UNIX. I wrote and/or maintained KDE libraries and apps (e.g. KNode, Kmail, libarchive, kio stuff…) Fun fact, I have not even used KDE ever since. No hard feelings, though.
  • Freedows Consortium: 2004-2005, left Conectiva with some colleagues to join this startup by one of Conectiva’s founders. It was an NGO funded in part by the Brazilian government ostensibly to create a Linux distribution for underprivileged schools. It became something very different, very quickly. Don’t ask.
  • Intel: 2005-2013, working in all kinds of fun stuff. Some of the public stuff include:
    • Intel WiDi – before Miracast, Chromecast, and AirPlay, there was WiDi, a technology to stream audo and video wirelessly.
    • Intel ME – yes, that one… can’t say much about it, except that I had fun working on it.
    • AMT – based on ME, this was a bit higher layer allowing for out-of-band administration of workstations.
  • SetApp – I left Intel to found this startup with a friend and fail miserably by running out of cash a few years later right when we were about to come out of beta. Worth for the experience though. Learned a lot about scalability, microservices, docker, and the like.
  • Coyote Lab – Between 2017 and 2018 I’ve worked at an R&D lab set up in Canada by a French company specializing on mapping solutions. Mostly experimenting with solutions to scalability problems.
  • Manifold – Worked with an amazing team at Manifold on the best marketplace as a service anywhere.
  • HashiCorp – helping build the HashiCorp Cloud Platform.

I currently live with my wife and daughter just outside of Quebec City, Canada.